Saturday, November 17, 2012

Meals Only I Would Plan 11-17-12

   One night, I realized that my meals that day might only appeal to me. I had a variety of foods on my Paleo Diet, and they are pretty much interchangeable if you are willing to experiment a bit. Nothing crazy, just unexpected. What do you think?
 Breakfast: Shrimp gumbo and a banana-almond butter-almond milk smoothie. I wanted something spicy and something soothing, and this combo filled the bill.
Lunch:  Stir-fry chicken, squash and zucchini; and fruit cocktail in pear juice. Filling and flavorful, but not my usual mealplan.
 Dinner: Baked fish almondine, squash and zucchini mash, and steamed broccoli. Much more traditional, but I don't often have fish and almonds on hand. The mash turned out great, with enough chunks, salt, pepper, and cumin, and a little olive oil-based margarine to bring out the bland flavors. I love steamed broccoli with cheese sauce, but no cheese/butter/cream on Paleo, so I fixed a little sauce with chicken stock and almond flour and a touch of mustard. Not terrific, but ok for a first try without a recipe. I'll keep working on sauces and gravies that fit the Paleo Diet since they add a little variety to the many vegetables and meats I love.
 These meals might not seem weird to you, but it was a tiny adventure for me; one which I will continue. Boredom and temptation can sink any diet, and I plan on eating Paleo as long as my doctor tells me and my body likes it. Still losing weight!

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