Saturday, November 24, 2012

Eating at "Another Broken Egg" on a Paleo Diet 11-24-12


   My husband and I ate at Another Broken Egg on Buckner in Dallas today for the first time. Finding items that are on my diet is sometimes limited to meat and eggs, but I had a wonderful salad. It included:

Baby spinach
Crispy bacon
Sugared pecans
(I cut the goat cheese--dairy)
(I chose honey mustard dressing instead of balsamic vinaigrette just because I preferred it.)

   My husband had a sweet potato pancake with pecan syrup. I took a bite and it was scrumptious. The pancake is not Paleo Diet food because of the flour, and the syrup was not pure maple. We both had coffee with non-dairy creamer, but I had some sugar in mine.

   I love to eat out and I love to go to new places. I'm thrilled to find a place with food this good. The decor and theme were cute, but not too cutesy, and the Casa Linda shopping area has lots of stores and other varied restaurants. I can't wait to go again.

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