Friday, November 16, 2012

Eating Paleo on a Crazy Day 11-16-12

  Today was a crazy day, in and out of the house, fasting for medical tests, hungry but not prepared, then busy, busy, busy.  I still was able to eat Paleo, but it was a challenge. Here is what I ended up with:

Breakfast, after fasting for blood tests early in the morning: A super smoothie, with a banana, a can of sliced mango in light syrup, almond milk, strawberry-orange-banana juice (Tropicana), milled flax seed (1 tbsp.), and some blueberries. I don't usually add dark berries or seaweed because I don't think I would like green or brown smoothies, but this was not dark, just spotted from the flax seed and blueberries. Not as sweet as the syrup might imply, but filling and tasty after all. I didn't drink this until almost 11 AM, and I wanted to keep close to my regular schedule, but this was just right.

Lunch, at 2 PM, I ate some of the shrimp gumbo I made a while back, kept sealed in the fridge. It was spicy, filling and tasty; again, just right, with some hot Coke and lemon for a sore throat.

Dinner, at 6 PM: a small piece of roast beef au jus, seasoned green beans, kale, and sweet potatoes with walnuts.

While doctor's appointments, blood tests, starting prep work for Sunday dinner at church, cleaning the house kept me busy most of the day, I am happy I was able to eat mostly correctly, and I did not panic and grab a burger on the go or a milk shake. Nine pounds down and holding!

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