Sunday, November 11, 2012

Little Meals (that might be just enough) 11-11-12

   Paleo Dieting has NOT left me hungry. There are so many options with meat, vegetables, fruit, and nuts that my plate has been full every meal. I like variety in my food, so I keep several items in each category prepared ahead. I like using a divided plastic dish so soupy foods don't mix the flavors. Now that I have lost 9 pounds, however, I really think I am eating too much too often! For a few days, I am eating lighter meals. I have not been hungry yet, and here are a few of my selections, still keeping close to Paleo rules.

Grilled breakfast #1:  Leftover roast beef, eggs, and orange juice.
Grilled breakfast #2:  NY strip steak (bought on sale!), eggs, apples, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms. The mushrooms got crispy and were delicious!
Fruit and nut plate #1: Apple slices, concord grapes, blueberries, pecans, walnuts, almond butter.
Fruit and nut plate #2: Almond butter fried apples, peach juice spritzer.
Meat and smoothie #1: Petite sirloin steak, peach/almond milk smoothie.

Chocolate confession: I found some leftover Halloween chocolate minis in my purse; they didn't last long.
Meat and smoothie #2: Grilled beef weiners, coleslaw, parslied baby carrots.

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