Monday, November 19, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving 11-19-12

On Nov. 1, I came across a couple of friends on Facebook who wrote "Day 1" and listed something each was thankful for. It took me a few hours to catch on, then I realized this was just what I needed. I have had a long period of pain and illness when I have had to focus on myself to survive. I tried to do things and pray for other people, but not as dedicatedly as I had done before. Now that I am feeling some better, I can finally see the world around me again.

Each day, many people and I post one thing we are thankful for. Some days, I have posted about specific people or groups of people for whom I am thankful. Some days, specific causes or blessings come to mind. Some day's topics are lighter than others, but all are heartfelt.

I challenge each person who feels led to do this to join us. No rule says you have to start on Nov. 1 as Day 1, or stop at Nov. 30, or even list every day. I will probably stop posting on Nov. 30, and then post occassionally as I feel the need. But if this speaks to you, please post your own thanksgiving messages.

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