Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Flipped Meals 11-21-12

Flipped Meals

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have already been cooking for days. To keep temptation down with all the good food around, I decided to eat carefully on my Paleo Diet today. I didn't realize until after lunch that I had prepared two flipped meals.

Breakfast: Spinach and Bacon Omelet, with Fried Apples and Fruit Juice. I beat two eggs and started them in a saute pan. When they were 2/3 done, I added 1/2 cup of previously-cooked Spinach and Bacon on top, then I folded one half over the other. No cheese on Paleo, but this was very tasty and filling, especially with the Fried Apples and Fruit Juice.

Lunch: Fruit Crepe, Sliced Chicken, and V-8 Juice. The Crepe was the last of a batch I made three days ago: almond flour, almond milk, an egg, and a dash of salt. The Fruit was a plan-ahead, too: pineapple, blueberries, orange juice, pecans and cinnamon, cooked until the pineapple was soft. The Crepe was perfect: tender but done through, thin and tasty, and the Fruit was even better than when it was first cooked.  I had sliced chicken for protein, and V-8 for veggies. Maybe a strange combo, but it was a delicious meal.

Tomorrow I will definitely be counting on the 85/15% rule for the Paleo Dieter. If you are strictly Paleo for 85 % of the time, you can eat off-diet for 15 % of the time. That generally means, out of 21 meals in a week, 3 can be off-diet. However, if you skip breakfast, you can only go off-diet for two meals in a week. And if you cheat on several items on various meals during the week, you will probably use up your 15 % pretty quickly. Tomorrow, I will not be a mathematician; I will be a happy eater. I also plan on leftover dressing and some casseroles which are not Paleo-approved, but I will try to limit myself to tiny portions and lots of other lean meats, non-starchy vegetables, and fresh fruits and nuts. "I've come too far to turn back now."  Happy Thanksgiving!

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