Monday, November 5, 2012

All Paleo Meats Are Fair Game 11-5-12

One of the delightful things about the Paleo Diet is that all meats are usable. Calories and fats are a conderation if weight, high cholestoral, or health issues require it. My husband does not eat pork "just in case" it might harm him. My go-to meats are beef and chicken, but I decided when I studied the Paleo Diet to be more adventuresome more often. I have access to Kroger, Walmart and other grocery stores, but they usually don't carry goose, duck, lamb or even much seafood (which is almost always previously frozen, even if the seafood is laid out as fresh.) The pork roast ribeye was the first I had ever cooked, and cooking fish and shrimp at home is very unusual for me. I love chicken livers, but can't stand beef liver, and I have only tasted goose and duck liver in the form of premade pate'. I have yet to eat heart, tongue, calves' feet, brain, or even sweetbreads. Tripe and other forms of intestines repulse me, but since menudo is available, I may find some way to like this. I promised myself to try something new at least once a week, so we'll see.
Yesterday's meals:
Breakfast: a banana (running late)
Lunch: Sirloin steak; sweet potato whip; fried pickles, green tomatoes, and onion rings (one each); and sliced tomatoes. (We picked up lunch at Black-eyed Pea, lots of different things, but most of them were fried and/or starch.)
Dinner: Kosher beef weiners, green beans, cole slaw. BBQ sauce, 25 cal. for the one tbsp. I ate.
Getting in meat or eggs 4-5 times a day is a big challenge for me, but the veggies on most days are easy, since I love tomatoes, squash, okra and other non-starchy vegetables. I've got to do some cooking today to make sure I have the right things ready to eat. When I'm hungry, I'm starving!

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