Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Monday morning mini-marathon (for cooking)

A trip to the grocery store late last week to get mainly meats meant I could get an early start Monday morning on meals for the week. Several leftover sides made it even simpler. Here are some of the dishes I turned out in two hours:

Five boneless, skinless chicken breasts became:
Fried Chicken--one breast, cut into five cutlets, seasoned with salt, pepper and steak seasoning, cooked in a little olive oil.
Chicken Strips--one big breast, cut into narrow 3-inch strips, marinated in a bottled marinade sauce, then sautéed in a little canola oil, yielded enough for several servings, and are ready for fajitas, a salad, or a main dish.
Spinach-stuffed Chicken Rolls--three breasts, split from the back, and pounded evenly, with a layer of spread made in a small food processor, of fresh spinach, cooked Brussels sprouts, sour cream, and steak seasoning, rolled with the ends tucked in, held with toothpicks, sautéed in olive oil, then baked in a casserole covered with foil, for about thirty minutes. Some of the filling oozed out, but I just spread it back on top of the rolls before refrigerating them.

Turkey Sausage--in links like kielbasa, cut into coins, sautéed with soy sauce, leftover BBQ sauce, and Worchester sauce.

Three pounds of ground beef became:

Meatloaf, Hamburger Patties, and Cooked Beef for Spaghetti Sauce, Tacos, and Chili.
A good morning's work.

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